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MARLEQ:  Abdullah, tell us about yourself and how you got into coaching.

Abdullah Baageel:  My passion initiated in high school when I began reading self-development books, and then step-by-step I learned about training and coaching. Later, from university social clubs I started to practice coaching in my career.

MARLEQ: What are the positive sides of being a coach for you?

Abdullah Baageel: The main positive sides of being a coach are to be myself in helping others 1-to-1, and to utilize my skills in empathy, harmony, inspiring, and organizing thoughts.

MARLEQ: How do your coaching sessions help your clients become great leaders?

Abdullah Baageel: Knowing themselves better, believing in themselves more, and building a plan step by step will lead them to be more confident about themselves. 

MARLEQ: How do you help professionals in Saudi Arabia accelerate their careers?

Abdullah Baageel: The professionals accelerate their careers by the model of 3D (Discover, Develop, Demonstrate). They discover and know their career capabilities, overcome gaps, and demonstrate themselves in their CV, LinkedIn, cover letter, and interviews.

MARLEQ: Who is your target audience in terms of coaching?

Abdullah Baageel: Junior-level to management level. 

MARLEQ: Do you think technology has any role in the coaching field? If yes, how so?

Abdullah Baageel: Yes, it helps me to organize my sessions, be more productive by doing more than usual, and access a lot of things in less time. 

MARLEQ: How have your coaching certifications helped you better serve your clients?

Abdullah Baageel: The diverse coaching certifications helped me to have various types of clients with different needs. Also, this provided me with the big picture of coaching, and to be more focused on Career and Leadership Coaching.

MARLEQ: How can business owners benefit from your coaching sessions?

Abdullah Baageel: I do a business program containing: knowing yourself, knowing your client, building your business model canvas, defining your message, and designing your marketing plan.

MARLEQ: What is your favorite thing about coaching?

Abdullah Baageel: The ‘’aha’’ moment the clients feel and experience; when they get a desired job; when they feel the difference, and become more confident in their life; are grateful for our sessions.

Abdullah Baageel


Profile: Certified Advanced Coach and Career Services Provider, and a Learning & Development specialist working in the field of executive leadership development 

Expertise: Career Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching, Learning & Development, Consulting, Training

Education: BA in HRM (KSA), Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP), Certified Career & Advanced Coach

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