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Milo Radulovic

Coach from Sweden

Profile: 10+ years of diversified International Business Development experience in Sweden, Slovenia, Lithuania and Montenegro

Expertise: Business Development, Sales, Consulting, Career Coaching, CV Writing, LinkedIn Optimization

Education: Master in Business Administration (Sweden)

Number of clients (193)

Jovana Minic

Coach from Serbia

Profile: Business and Career coach with 7+ years of international experience in Serbia, Slovenia, Western Europe, India, and Egypt

Expertise: People Development, Career Coaching, Recruiting, Business Development

Education: Master in Business Administration (Slovenia)

Serbia Slovenia India Egypt
Number of clients (1)

Faith Nwaobia

Coach from Nigeria

Profile: 10+ years of experience as a Social Selling Consultant, Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker

Expertise: , B2B Growth Strategist, LinkedIn Brand Strategist, Career Coach, Recruitment Consultant 

Education: Postgraduate Certificate in Management, and Master in Educational Administration and Planning (Nigeria)


Waqas Akram

Executive Coach from Saudi Arabia

Profile: Mechanical Engineering Manager with 15 years of global experience

Expertise: Managing design, engineering, construction, commissioning, Operations & maintenance of multiple large scale equipment projects in the power generation industry

Education: Master in Aerospace Engineering (Sweden)

Saudi Arabia Pakistan
Number of clients (11)

Sara Vrljevac

Coach from Sweden

Profile: An innovative HR manager with 4+ years of experience in various industries, possessing a strong business acumen, which is balanced with a desire for creativity and pushing boundaries to deliver effective business results

Expertise: Digital Marketing & Social Media, HRM, Recruitment, Team Management and Project Management


Kevin Fiashinou

Coach from Togo

Profile: 8+ years of experience in intersection of market opportunities and social need, and how tomorrow's key changemakers are innovating social enterprises

Expertise: Social Enterprise Management, International Development. Keynote speaker, Motivator

Education: Master's degree in Law (Togo)


Patrick Kamau

Executive Coach from Kenya

Profile: Seasoned Pharmaceutical Sales professional with over 15 years of experience.

Expertise: LinkedIn Brand Strategy, Personal Branding, Career Strategy, Job Search Strategy, Interview Preparation, CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Number of clients (1)

Cees Nieboer

Executive Coach from Slovenia

Profile: A highly qualified international executive with hands-on 30-year business experience at senior management and Board level in a variety of industries enabling to combine the theory of management practice with real-life experience

Expertise: Business Executive, Management Consultant, Trainer, Author, Public Speaker

Slovenia Netherlands Croatia Serbia

Sana' Hammad

Executive Coach from Jordan

Profile: Purpose-led Executive Coach with 15+ years of experience, passionate about identifying individuals’ winning career paths based on competencies and natural abilities

Expertise:  Human Resources, Organizational, and Business Development

Education: MBA in Human Resources (Jordan)

Number of clients (81)

Tess Nyman

Executive Coach from Finland

Profile: Certified Human Resource Manager with 9+ years of experience in Finland, UAE and Uganda, with a passion to support individuals achieve their goals

Expertise: Human Resource Management, Executive Career Coaching, Mentoring, Professional Growth

Education: MSc in Psychology (UK), and MBA (UAE) 

United Arab Emirates Finland
Number of clients (91)

Aletta Fonseca

Coach from Pakistan

Profile: 8+ years of experience in Human Resources, Administration and Operations Management

Expertise: Recruitment & Retention, Performance Management, Training & Development, Compensation, Payroll and Operations Management

Education: MBA in Human Resources (Pakistan)

Number of clients (3)

Amjad Nezami

Executive Coach from India

Profile: Certified Human Resource Manager with 14+ years of experience in GCC, with a passion to support individuals achieve their goals

Expertise: Learning & Development, Talent Management, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Human Resource Management, Career Development, Executive Counseling and Recruitment

Education: MBA in Human Resources (India)

Qatar United Arab Emirates United Kingdom India

Madona Bakuradze

Coach from Georgia

Profile: 10+ years of experience in Management, Operations and Leadership

Expertise: Managing and Coaching people, Training Management, Leadership, Business operations, Budgeting Planning Executing, Launching new Projects, Business Cases, Manage Profitable Business

Education: MBA in Management (France)


Abdoulaye Djaouga

Executive Coach from Benin

Profile: A seasoned 16+ years of experience as Oil & Gas professional in Central and West Africa

Expertise: Contracts, Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chains Management Specialist

Education: Master in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chains Management (UK)

Benin Chad
Number of clients (2)

Temitope Balogun

Coach from Nigeria

Profile: 5+ years experience across a broad range of businesses – Actuarial, Pharmaceutical sector, Beauty, ICT, Hospitality, and Media

Expertise: Training, Coaching, Human Resources, Business Management, Content Development, Digital Marketing

Education: MBA in Human Resources Management (UK)


Radoje Cerovic

Executive Coach from Italy

Profile: 17 years of experience in political campaigns, visual communication and advertising, educational, business psychology, neuroscience

Expertise: Management Development, Communication Training and Consulting, Strategic Planning, Sales Development and Training, Personal Development

Education: Master of Science in Psychology (Italy)

Italy Montenegro Serbia

Denis Didikovic

Coach from Kosovo

Profile: 8+ years of experience in the field of Project Management and Human Resources Management

Expertise: Manpower planning, Recruitment, Developing performance management system, Employee welfare programs, Trainings

Education: Master's degree in Sociology (Kosovo)

Serbia Kosovo
Number of clients (3)

Leon Menezes

Coach from Qatar

Profile: 10+ years of recruitment experience in Qatar specialized in sourcing for candidates for roles in Qatar and the Middle East, and having experience working with Multinational companies

Expertise: Recruitment Management, Headhunting, Talent Acquisition Specialist and Consultant

Number of clients (20)

Prisca Nina Molombo

Coach from Cameroon

Profile: 17 years in HR Management, Training, Administration Lead and Strategic adviser to managers, incentive programmes that right people are at right positions

Expertise: HRM, Training centre Management, Company competence portfolio, Organisational policy

Education: MBA in Human Resources Management (UK)

Number of clients (4)

James Gathuita

Coach from Kenya

Profile: An HR, Africa Leadership Group Fellow and L&D professional 

Expertise: Learning and Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership HR Services, Organization Development, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition

Education: Diploma in HR Management (Kenya)

Number of clients (2)

Muhammad Ashraf Gill

Executive Coach from Saudi Arabia

Profile: A Professional Projects Manager having 14+ years of experience on Saudi Aramco Construction Projects. 

Expertise: Project Management, Project executions, Professional staff Recruitment and Project Procurement, Project coaching, Risk Management, Cost control and planning, Career Coach 

Education: MBA in Management 

Saudi Arabia Pakistan
Number of clients (3)

Mina Adel

Coach from United Arab Emirates

Profile: 8+ years’ experience in Human Resources inside multi-national and big local organizations in different locations and industries.

Expertise: HR, Talent Management, Organization Development, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment, Performance Management, Learning & Training

Education: Master in HRM (France)

United Arab Emirates
Number of clients (5)

Tasneem Sultana

Executive Coach from United Arab Emirates

Profile: 18 years’ experience professional within diversified industries.

Expertise: Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development focused industries are Education Sector and Management Consulting. 

Education: PGCE, MBA in HR & Marketing

United Arab Emirates
Number of clients (12)

Hélène Turquey

Executive Coach from Luxembourg

Profile: HR Professional with 20 years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of overall financial services related activities across many areas such as banks, finance, insurance, sales, IT, HR and Marketing

Expertise: Executive Search, International Talent Acquisition, Outplacement, HR Operations, People Management, Business Development and Relocation.

Number of clients (2)

Joana Cela

Coach from Albania

Profile: Seasoned International Recruitment Manager, Headhunting Executive and results driven Human Resources Business with 10+ years of experience

Expertise: HR compliance, operational excellence, process and project management and improvement; aligning business strategy with HR excellence


Azeez Olawale-Arish Yusuff

Executive Coach from Nigeria

Profile: 15+ years of US, UK, Emerging Markets and Africa experience and with direct contact with Directors, Recruiters from Fortune 500 and growing companies.

Expertise: Management, FMCG, Edtech, Banking and Finance, Consulting, Training and Coaching, Academics

Education: MBA International Finance and Marketing (US)

Nigeria United States Ethiopia Canada
Number of clients (1)

Jelena Vuletic

Executive Coach from Montenegro

Profile: Seasoned and passionate banker striving for excellence, who is empowering others every day.

Expertise: Educator, Certified Erickson Coach and NLP Practitioner

Number of clients (2)

Ahmed Dalati

Executive Coach from Saudi Arabia

Profile: 18+ years of experience at leading global Human Resources competency management and Learning & Development companies.

Expertise: A Certified Assessor Candidate, competency management and L&D professional

Education: Bachelor in Business Administration 

Saudi Arabia
Number of clients (1)