What When It Becomes Too Difficult To Bear⁉

Apart from working with experienced leaders, I'm also committed to supporting young professionals in solving career challenges and realizing their full potential. As a somatic and leadership coach, I've witnessed the unique challenges young professionals face in today's competitive job market.

One common dilemma is when a job becomes too difficult to bear and presents a significant obstacle to career growth and personal well-being. The pressure to succeed is present today, maybe more than ever. Young professionals must recognize when they're facing difficulties – sometimes that is an overwhelming workload and sometimes a toxic work environment.

So, what can young professionals do when they find themselves in such situations?
Firstly, it's essential to acknowledge that struggling is not a sign of weakness but an opportunity for growth. Instead of suffering in silence, they should actively seek support and explore their options.
As a somatic coach, I emphasize the importance of tuning into one's body and emotions to gain insight into the causes of job-related stress. By practicing mindfulness techniques and somatic awareness, young professionals can better understand their needs and make the right decisions about their careers.
Seeking guidance from mentors or coaches can provide valuable perspectives and strategies for overcoming challenging situations.

To sum it up, here are some practical tips for those facing challenges in their jobs:
- Assess the situation
Take a step back and objectively evaluate aspects of the job that are causing difficulties. Identify specific challenges.
- Communicate openly
If possible, address your concerns with your supervisor or HR department constructively and professionally. Come prepared with potential solutions or compromises.
- Set boundaries
Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life to prevent burnout and maintain well-being. Prioritize self-care activities, such as exercise, hobbies, and relaxation techniques.
- Seek support
Reach out to mentors, colleagues, or professional networks for support. They can offer valuable insights and resources.
- Explore alternatives
If the challenges in your current job seem insurmountable, explore other job opportunities that better align with your interests and values.
- Stay connected
Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues who can offer encouragement, advice, and perspective during difficult times.

What can companies do?
Young professionals with the potential to become true leaders deserve environments that nurture their talents, foster growth, and empower them to reach their full potential. By addressing and resolving career challenges, organizations can ensure that their future leaders have the support and resources they need to succeed.
Trust me, future leaders won’t forget that.

Jelena Vuletic

Executive Coach

Profile: Passionately focuses on helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their professional goals. Her style is rooted in empathy, trust and collaboration.

Expertise: Leadership coach, Somatic coach, Team coach

Education: ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Erickson Coach 

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