How a Career Coach Will Help You in Advancing Your Career

MARLEQ: How would you describe yourself in one sentence? 
Duaa Kankosh: I am a team-oriented, quick learner, and eager for new challenges Training and Business Coaching Executive with over 15 years of diverse professional experience across Qatar, the UK, UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
MARLEQ: What are professional achievements that you are most proud of?
Duaa Kankosh: I managed to obtain a Training of Trainers (TOT) certificate accredited by the Oxford Training College London, and I attended the entrepreneurship conference in 2019 in Malaysia, after which I started my official journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur.
MARLEQ: Why do you think that professional accomplishments are important? 
Duaa Kankosh: Accomplishments are really important if you are looking to find areas of improvement in your work and qualifications. Furthermore, being a positive contribution where you work is essential for career development. 
MARLEQ: What are the three most important traits for a successful career woman? 
Duaa Kankosh: 1. Independent. 2. Excellent time management skills. 3. Strong personality. 
MARLEQ: How important are soft skills for someone trying to succeed in the professional world? 
Duaa Kankosh: Soft skills are an essential part of improving one's ability when working with others. It can have a positive influence on advancing your career. If you are a small business owner or self-employed, strong soft skills can help you find, attract, and retain clients. 
MARLEQ: On what aspect do you focus the most when providing career guidance as an Executive Coach? 
Duaa Kankosh: Qualifications of my client and the position he/she is applying for. 
MARLEQ: What is the best advice you received when you were starting your career? 
Duaa Kankosh: Asking the right questions to understand what is in your client's mind first. 
MARLEQ: In what way does becoming MARLEQ Career Coach enrich your professional career? 
Duaa Kankosh: I believe that MARLEQ is a professional organization, with high standards. So being part of such an organization would provide me the opportunity to raise my capacities and experience to a higher level. 
MARLEQ: What is the key to a good CV? 
Duaa Kankosh: Keywords of the experience, and specific achievements including numbers and quantified results. 
MARLEQ: What inspires you the most in your professional life? 
Duaa Kankosh: A field where I can grow and have a positive impact and contribution.

Duaa Kankosh

Executive Coach

Profile: Seasoned Training and Business Coaching Executive with 15+ years of experience in Qatar, the UK, UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia  

Expertise: Coaching, Self-Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Certified Trainer of Trainers

Education: Bachelor in Banking & Finance

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