10 advices to build a successful international career

Tina who has worked at leading global companies will share with you 10 advices of how to build a successful international career.

MARLEQ: Tina, what would you tell to young people in order to motivate and inspire them, so that one day they build such a respectful international career like you? What is important to build an international career?

Tina: My advices are bellow:

#1 Start thinking about your professional career early on (ideally during your High school education)

#2 If you don’t have particular talents (e.g. math, chemistry, pianist), look at the job market before choosing your studies (do we really need another Economist, or perhaps Web Designer is more wanted on the job market)

#3 Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. We live only once and it is better to be sorry than to ask yourself “what if”

#4 Avail of all European/Bilateral agreement fund (e.g Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus). Speak to your international office and explore your options (e.g. come to Ljubljana for one year and learn Slovenian)

#5 Make your LinkedIn profile early on and keep it up-to-date. Let the recruiter know that you are “hunting” for jobs.  Ask for recommendation, follow relevant companies. You will be surprised how much value and networking can LI bring you

#6 Avail of Free Online learning platforms (not all of them are free): Lynda.com, Udemy, YouTube webinars, Help centers etc. (e.g Google Marketing Solutions certificates, Salesforce trailhead, Facebook etc.).

#7 Equip yourself with wanted skills on the job market. Read the job descriptions and work to improve the most wanted skills (e.g. Project management, Leadership skills), again there is a lot of Online FREE material

#8 Know how to use Google Search Engine. Yes, you would be surprised how much information you can find if you type for relevant keywords (e.g. job offers in Germany, Ireland, United Arab Emirates). Do not limit yourself to your home country (if you have relevant work permit)

#9 Look for Unpaid internship in exchange to learn new skills. You would be surprised how many employers are craving for this kind of attitude. Believe in yourself and demonstrate that you can learn wanted skill in 3 months time. They would appreciate it!

#10 Think and apply in “outside of the box” framework. Do not wait for the job offer to be out - create the demand. Send the proposal to the employer on “how can you improve your website traffic”. Or a format that I once used and it worked - 10 reasons why you should hire me. Employers love creativity in your approach :)

I really hope this practical advices will help you to land your dream job and launch your international career to the moon and back :)

Tina Radojković


Sales professional with 7+ years of international experience in digital marketing, PR and SaaS

Facebook (Poland), Salesforce (Ireland), Google (Ireland), Trivago (Germany), Megabon (Slovenia), Bloom Consulting (Spain)

Master in Entrepreneurship in Slovenia

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