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MARLEQ: It's great to have you on our team Radka, tell us about yourself and what you love about coaching.

Radka Carrion: Thank you for the warm welcome, I’m thrilled to be part of the team! I’m Radka, originally from the Czech Republic, but I’ve lived in London, UK and Seville, Spain, and here I am, in sunny Southern Spain again, this time in Malaga. I’m a certified Life and Career Coach focused on job search strategies, career changes and support for expats moving to Spain, and the Czech Republic. Besides that, I offer HR advisory in areas such as learning & development, recruitment, or employee engagement.

I love helping my clients reach their full potential by understanding their qualities, defining possibilities, and overcoming challenges. For me, it’s great to witness the transformative journey my clients embark on. I’m happy I can help others succeed.

MARLEQ: How do your coaching sessions help clients achieve their dreams?

Radka Carrion: In my coaching sessions, I’m supportive and always create a safe environment to discuss clients’ worries, doubts and barriers that might stand in their way to success. But I also believe in pushing and challenging them to get out of their comfort zone and alter their mindset to become the best version of themselves. 

MARLEQ: What is the relationship between personal and professional development and why is this important?

Radka Carrion: Personal development serves as the foundation upon which professional growth is built. I encourage my clients to invest in their personal development to acquire the skills, mindset, and self-awareness necessary for creating a well-equipped and resilient individual prepared for today's dynamic work environment.

MARLEQ: What role does a coach play in the career of a professional?

Radka Carrion: A coach can play a significant role in guiding the career of a professional. We can facilitate self-discovery moments, provide personalized support, foster skill development, and offer insights that contribute to our client’s overall success.

MARLEQ: Who’s your target audience?

Radka Carrion: My target audience is everyone who seeks personal and professional development, career change, or those who seek a dream job. 

I love the energy of entry-level professionals eager to thrive in their chosen paths. My clients are also those who want to return after a break to the labour market and they don’t know where to start (e.g. parents after parental leave). Besides, I enjoy working with clients who have decided to start their new life in Spain or the Czech Republic and need guidance and support in settling down.

MARLEQ: What is your message for all transitioning from one career to another?

Radka Carrion: Embrace change, leverage your transferable skills, and remember that every step forward is a valuable part of your unique journey. Extend your network and reach out to those who might help. Be visible, express your ideas, and provide insights.

MARLEQ: How does your coaching service assist entry-level professionals to get a job and thrive at it?

Radka Carrion: I support entry-level professionals by offering initial discovery coaching conversation, helping with resume and cover letter crafting, job search strategies, interview preparation, and ongoing mentorship to not only secure a job but also thrive in their careers.

MARLEQ: In this age of technology and AI, how can you help your clients leverage professionally and personally?

Radka Carrion: I assist clients in leveraging these tools through personalized strategies, such as optimizing digital presence, mastering online networking, and staying informed about industry-specific technological trends.

MARLEQ: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

Radka Carrion: I love traveling and experiencing diverse cultures around the world. I also enjoy eating out with my family and friends. I’m a life-long learner and I always look for webinars and conferences to extend my knowledge and keep up with the trends.

MARLEQ: Tell us your best books, movies, or meals.
Radka Carrion: One of my favourite books is "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, and the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" for its inspiring narrative. I fell in love with Mediterranean cuisine and how Spaniards master cooking delicious meals from local products. I’ve learned many of them already!

Radka Carrion


Profile: Certified EMCC ACE Coach, Mentor & HR Advisor with 12+ years of experience in guiding people on their career transitions and life journeys

Expertise: Career Coaching, Job Search, CV & CL Writing, Interview Preparation, Expat Journey, Mentoring

Education: Master's in Economics & Management, Certified ACE (Aspire, Challenge, Encourage) Coach

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