Why a Career Coach is Important in Your Career?

MARLEQ: Could you tell us briefly about your career background?

Tess Nyman: I started my career in Dubai where I relocated to in 2011. My first role was Admin Manager which I got after more than 100 rejections, then I got promoted after three months to an HR Manager and I worked for 4 years before the company license was revoked for various reasons.  

I moved to a recruitment company where I worked as a Head of Department for teacher recruitment for 7 months and left on mutual agreement. My preference was to have a role that involved all aspects of HR rather than just recruitment.

So, I moved to another company and worked as a Global HR Manager as they had offices across different countries. I worked for a year and the policies were changed, so I was given an opportunity to move to another country which I declined as my family was in Dubai.

I moved to a group of companies that was based in Dubai and had branches in other Emirates where I worked as a Group HR Manager for 2 and a half years before moving to Finland.

MARLEQ: Did you always know you wanted to be in Human Resources?

Tess Nyman: I did not know until my boss told me that they were promoting me from Admin Manager to HR Manager and when I asked why he said that my strengths were in HR so Administration would not make me shine.

MARLEQ: You have worked and lived in Uganda, the UAE, and Finland. Could you tell us about the differences, and perhaps similarities, regarding the work environment in these diverse countries and cultures?

Tess Nyman: The main driver of work environments is the effectiveness of the labor laws in every country. The similarities are that one must have the right attitude to shine and invest in self-improvement to consistently grow. All markets require a certain level of experience for well-paying jobs.

The differences are that every country has its own specific requirements that do not apply to the rest. All the job markets require different skills for the same role which means that candidates need to know the market well enough to penetrate it. 

MARLEQ: What do you think are the benefits of having international work experience?

Tess Nyman: You gain a competitive edge, you get out of the comfort zone which means that you are going to grow, you improve multiple skills that are required on the international market and make you stand out on local markets, you get an open mind, and you improve communication skills.  

MARLEQ: What is the major challenge for professionals seeking a job abroad?

Tess Nyman: There are several challenges, however, the most common challenges are lack of local experience, failure to understand the market requirements, and cultural differences.

MARLEQ: What are 3 recommendations you would give to someone interested in starting a career abroad?

Tess Nyman: 1: Understand the market well enough to penetrate it. 2: Have realistic expectations based on real-time experiences not social media. 3: Build relationships with people in the country that you want to move to.

MARLEQ: What do you think are core traits one should develop to have a successful international career?

Tess Nyman: 1. Emotional intelligence. 2. Cross-cultural communication skills. 3. Adaptive thinking. 4. Excellent networking abilities.

MARLEQ: Why did you decide to get into Career Coaching?

Tess Nyman: Other than the fact that I got training to be a Coach, I have a burning desire to help individuals achieve their career goals. 

MARLEQ: How do you as a career coach help job seekers?

Tess Nyman: I write CVs, LinkedIn profiles, provide job search strategies, provide interview skills training, SWOT analysis, and coach them to attract employers. We all know that when you chase something, it runs further away from you but when you attract it, it comes closer to you. So, I help candidates attract employers and/or recruiters and that is why my candidates get hired faster. They are a magnet!

MARLEQ: What motivates you in working with job seekers? 

Tess Nyman: The fact that I know I am in a position to help them improve their lives and have seen it consistently happen motivates me.

Tess Nyman

Executive Coach

Profile: Certified Human Resource Manager with 9+ years of experience in Finland, UAE and Uganda, with a passion to support individuals achieve their goals

Expertise: Human Resource Management, Executive Career Coaching, Mentoring, Professional Growth

Education: MSc in Psychology (UK), and MBA (UAE) 

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