The Importance of Career Coaches' Role in Today’s Job Market

MARLEQ: You have a lot of experience in Coaching. Could you tell us how did you choose this career path?

Sana' Hammad: All of us are born with a purpose, and we are born resourceful to achieve it. During our professional life we face many challenges and most of the time, people around us tend to direct us towards what is good for the organization, the department, or even for them, we rarely find guidance to do what is really good for us! As a human resource specialist, I feel a sense of meaning and purpose when I help people understand themselves and build their careers based on who they really are.

MARLEQ: What does inspire you the most about Coaching?

Sana' Hammad: Raising self-awareness which I call the cornerstone for all kinds of development.

MARLEQ: How a career coach can help job seekers find a suitable job?

Sana' Hammad: Thank you for this question, it is important to know that a career coach does not offer jobs for job seekers, but is there to work with them on increasing their employability through finding their career fit, making the required upskilling, or reskilling plans to bridge career gaps, revamping their professional profile to reflect their capabilities and introduce them to employers, etc.

MARLEQ: What are 3 reasons why job seekers should find their career coach?

Sana' Hammad: Contact a career coach whenever you need help to get unstuck from where you are and find your way to where you want to be. The most common 3 reasons why job seekers should contact a coach are: professional profile making, interview preparation, and return to market (after a career gap).

MARLEQ: How important is the role of career coaches in today’s job market?

Sana' Hammad: The labor market is a fast-changing environment, yet, dramatically changing now than ever before. Being guided through your journey maximizes your outcomes, saves you time, effort, and cost.

MARLEQ: What are the major competencies necessary to become a Career Coach?

Sana' Hammad: Honesty, neutrality, privacy, active listening, positivity, and asking powerful questions.

MARLEQ: Can you tell us about your most successful coaching experience?

Sana' Hammad: Every time I receive positive feedback from a coachee showing a better life after coaching is a success for me.

MARLEQ: What are some of the lessons you learned in your career?

Sana' Hammad: If we want to change our future, we need to change what we’re doing today! Success is not only what people achieve; it is also what they overcome.

MARLEQ: What would you advise someone who is thinking of or is just starting in Career Coaching?

Sana' Hammad: There is no “one-size fit all solution” every person is unique, listen actively, ask good questions until you understand the client's real drives and core values because that is what determines people's choices in life. So, good coaches do not tell people what to do, they ask powerful questions that allow the clients to dig deep in themselves and find answers, the right decisions come from inside. 

MARLEQ: Is it important to be a certified coach and is this a good investment?

Sana' Hammad: It is not a legal requirement; what defines success in coaching is the coach’s mindset, skills, experience, and the results achieved. However, clients prefer dealing with certified coaches because they follow a code of ethics and have credibility in meeting professional standards, clients who work with certified coaches showed higher satisfaction and gave positive feedback on the tools used during the session, and achieved better results in less time. So, I encourage people who have a passion in coaching to invest in getting certified from a recognized coaching school; when talent is backed by knowledge and practice, you will stand out in your profession!

Sana' Hammad

Executive Coach

Profile: Value-driven HR and Executive Coach with 15+ years of experience, passionate about identifying individuals’ winning career paths based on their natural strengths. 

Expertise: HR Management, Coaching, Organizational Development, and Business Development

Education: MBA in HR, Certified Erickson Coach

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