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Welcome to an insightful conversation with Tim Biscaye, a seasoned international entrepreneur, and the founder of accendo groupe. With over 40 years of professional experience, Tim has navigated through various management roles across the globe, from industry to technology to sustainable development and humanitarian interventions. His journey, marked by 38 assignments in different countries and a diverse skill set, reflects a true Swiss Army knife approach to addressing challenges in startups, scale-ups, and beyond. As we unravel Tim's experiences and perspectives, get ready to explore the multifaceted world of a troubleshooter, business leader and most importantly a single father who balanced family and work.   

MARLEQ: Hi, Tim. Tell us about yourself and your profession. 

Tim Biscaye: Hi there! I'm Tim Biscaye, founder of accendo group and an international entrepreneur and human resources consultant with four decades of experience. Originally from New York, I've circled the globe with more than 38 expatriates, tackling roles in diverse sectors. Now a proud French citizen, I'm recognized for troubleshooting and supporting entrepreneurs and leaders in startups, SMEs, and large corporations. Beyond work, I'm the 'head of the tribe' for three adult children, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren and live in Nice, France with my wonderful French partner. Let's dive into my journey!  

MARLEQ: Have any of your experiences shaped your decision to become a coach? How so? 

Tim Biscaye: In the early '90s, while working in West Africa for an international NGO, I began coaching and mentoring national staff and colleagues. What started as a project for young, top talent evolved into a global leadership development program. Focusing additionally on young, female experts and managers, I aimed to address gender equity issues. This commitment continued throughout my various roles and now as a consultant. Coaching, for me, is a critical part of building individuals' self-awareness and capacity to pursue their dreams. 

MARLEQ: How has your exposure to different cultures positively influenced your work with clients?

Tim Biscaye: My extensive career journey, navigating through more than 38 countries, has been a rich tapestry of discovering new people and cultures. This firsthand experience has been invaluable in shaping my approach to working with clients. It has instilled in me a deep respect for cultural diversity, allowing me to understand and appreciate the unique perspectives each culture brings. 

In the realm of human resources and transition management, this cultural sensitivity is crucial. It enables me to build meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and tailor strategies that resonate with the specific needs and values of diverse teams. Embracing and respecting different cultural nuances has become a cornerstone of my professional ethos, contributing positively to my interactions and relationships with clients across the globe. 

MARLEQ: What are some of the challenges professionals who are single dads face? 

Tim Biscaye: Back in the early 2000s, the supportive landscape for single dads in leadership roles was nearly non-existent, presenting a significant challenge for me. There was little to no support for my decision to prioritize my children's schedules in my weekly planning and activities. To address this, I chose to step away from conventional leadership roles and opted for contract positions with lower demands (and pay). This shift allowed me to actively participate in my children’s school and sports activities. Despite the professional adjustments, I harbor no regrets; in fact, it strengthened the bond within our family, forming a resilient 'tribe' that endures to this day. 

MARLEQ: How can some of these challenges be resolved, and how can your coaching sessions help?  

Tim Biscaye: While I haven't specifically coached single fathers, my experience with The Company of Dads has sparked an interest in providing coaching services tailored to the needs of single dads. My extensive background as a single dad of over 20 plus years has uniquely equipped me to understand and address the challenges faced by single parents. I have however coached single mothers and, the insights gained from my journey can be invaluable for single fathers. Through coaching sessions, I aim to offer practical strategies and emotional support, leveraging my own experiences to guide them through the intricacies of balancing work and family life.  

MARLEQ: With your extensive HR experience, what are the top three attributes of a successful professional? 

Tim Biscaye: In my professional journey through the Human Resource sector across diverse industries and countries, I've identified three crucial attributes for success: Heart, Head, and Tenacity/Perseverance. 

- Heart: Successful professionals embody integrity, compassion, and a profound passion for their work. Their commitment to ethical practices and genuine care for others sets them apart.  

- Head: Smart professionals possess the ability to reflect, analyze situations, and find effective solutions. Intellectual acuity, combined with a strategic mindset, allows them to navigate complexities in any industry. 

- Tenacity/Perseverance: The grit to persist, stay focused on tasks, and achieve objectives is indispensable. Often referred to as ‘stick-to-itiveness,’ this quality enables professionals to confront challenges head-on without bending under pressure. It’s the drive to persevere, akin to the determination of American cowboys of bygone years.  

MARLEQ: What does a typical coaching session with you cover, and what can clients expect when working with you?  

Tim Biscaye: In my coaching sessions, I engage with a diverse clientele, ranging from business school students to emerging talent to seasoned senior executives. I bring some experiences to address various needs: 

I specialize in developing leadership capabilities, aligning head, heart and career growth, focusing on both theoretical understanding and practical application. Whether you're a student charting your path or a seasoned executive aiming for excellence or new horizons, I tailor my approach to enhance people management skills and instill the qualities essential for effective leadership and career success. 

Furthermore, I offer valuable support during career transitions. Whether you're exploring new opportunities or seeking guidance in a pivotal professional shift, my coaching provides the insights and strategies needed for a successful and fulfilling journey. 

Clients working with me can anticipate a personalized and insightful coaching experience, aimed at fostering growth, leadership development, and a seamless transition through different career stages. 

MARLEQ: How do you help clients achieve work-life integration or balance?  

Tim Biscaye: I guide individuals in navigating the delicate balance between work and life commitments through a structured and personalized approach. My methodology involves utilizing practical tools to streamline time management, such as a time-tracking tool that helps clients understand and optimize their time usage. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of Covey's 4 Quadrant Planning, which categorizes tasks based on urgency and importance, allowing clients to prioritize critical and long-term goals efficiently. Beyond professional obligations, I encourage clients to allocate time for family, social interactions, spiritual practices, and physical activities. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded and fulfilling life. By implementing these strategies, clients can proactively manage their time, achieve their professional objectives, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

MARLEQ: What are your favorite ways to unwind?  

Tim Biscaye: My favorite activities for unwinding include hiking, birdwatching, cycling, camping, snowboarding, and savoring the beauty of sunrises and sunsets. However, my daily escape and cherished routine involve the therapeutic art of preparing dinner. Starting from scratch, the process of cooking has evolved from a necessity during my single dad days, navigating financial challenges, into a deeply satisfying and creative endeavor. Crafting meals serves not only as a daily ritual but also as a meaningful escape, allowing me to find joy in the journey of creation.  

MARLEQ: What are your favorite quotes, books, and movies?  

Tim Biscaye: One quote that resonates deeply with me is, "Words Make Worlds", reflecting my belief in the transformative power of language, drawing inspiration from the appreciative inquiry methodology.  

In living by the mantra, "Live big, dream bigger, love always and be warm-hearted," I embrace a philosophy that encourages seizing opportunities, nurturing dreams, and radiating warmth. 

The poignant line, "All men die, few men ever really live," from the movie Braveheart, serves as a constant reminder to embrace life's richness and live it authentically. 

A book that significantly influenced my life is Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," which provides enduring guidance on personal development and effectiveness. 

Tim Biscaye

Executive Coach

Profile: Global Entrepreneur, People Management, Talent Acquisition, Transition Management Consultant, and Recruiter, has worked in almost 40 countries 

Expertise: Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, HR, Recruiting, Consulting

Education: BA in Philosophy & Psychology (USA), Certified Professional of Human Resources (PHR)

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