Navigating the Canadian Job Market

MARLEQ: Let's meet you. Who is Sarah? 

Sarah Dodeen: Sarah is an accomplished TopRecruiter, HR, and Talent Acquisition Professional, renowned for her extensive experience and expertise in the field. With over 16+ years of working in International NGOs, UN agencies, and the private sector, Sarah has established herself as a trusted professional in career coaching, talent acquisition, HR and personal branding. 

Throughout her career, Sarah has excelled in various areas, including career mentoring, recruitment, and resume writing. Her diverse skillset has enabled her to support professionals at different stages of their careers, including newcomers to Canada, helping them navigate the job market and achieve their career goals. 

Sarah is widely recognized for her strong communication, networking, collaboration, and people skills. She leads by example and motivates her team to reach their aspirations. As a strong advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and a passionate supporter of employee experience, Sarah actively contributes to creating inclusive and empowering work environments. 

Sarah completed her MSc in Information Management. In addition, she has earned several certifications, including Elite Certified Recruiter Expert, Certified Career Strategist, and Certified Resume Strategist from Career Professionals of Canada. These certifications further validate her dedication to staying at the forefront of her profession and providing top-notch services to her clients.  

MARLEQ: Why did you choose your vocation? What does it mean to you?

Sarah Dodeen: I decided on my chosen profession because I have a deep passion for assisting and aiding individuals, guiding them toward realizing their dreams and accomplishing their goals. Witnessing my clients and candidates succeed in reaching their aspirations and enhancing their lives brings me immense personal fulfillment. Moreover, I value the meaningful connections I forge with people. Through my interactions with clients and candidates, I gain valuable insights and learn from their experiences and expertise in various fields, thereby broadening my own horizons. These invaluable exchanges truly enrich my journey. 

MARLEQ: What does it take and feel like to be an award-winning Recruiter in Toronto and Canada? 

Sarah Dodeen: Attaining this stage of recognition was the result of significant dedication and effort. It serves as a true testament to my expertise, skill set, and proficiency in this field, especially considering the competitive nature of the market. 

MARLEQ: How do you help international professionals land a job faster in Canada? 

Sarah Dodeen: I assist individuals in navigating the highly competitive Canadian job market by offering guidance on various aspects. This includes sharing insights on cultural integration, understanding the dynamics of the country's market, and creating their CV in accordance with Canadian job market standards. Additionally, I provide valuable advice on effective networking techniques that are widely accepted in the Canadian market. When newcomers to Canada embark on their job search journey, it is crucial for them to comprehend and align with the language, working methods, approaches, and dynamics specific to the Canadian job market. Together, we collaborate to develop a strategy and action plan to support them throughout their job search. 

MARLEQ: There's a general feeling that AI will displace some employees, what's your take on this? 

Sarah Dodeen: While I may not possess expertise in AI, I hold the belief and opinion that AI tools serve as valuable aids that enhance and complement our existing skills, leading to improved and higher-quality outputs. Regardless of one's profession, be it a teacher, economist, HR professional, IT specialist, or engineer, AI tools undoubtedly provide support in achieving greater and improved outcomes in their respective fields of work and would not replace high-performing continuously developing employees. 

MARLEQ: Globally, reports show that a lot of individuals are transitioning into Tech, what impact does this have on job openings generally? 

Sarah Dodeen: The IT job market is characterized by its high demand, intense competition, and attractive compensation. When assisting IT job seekers, the key lies in effectively showcasing their competitive edge, unique value proposition, and what sets them apart from others in the fiercely competitive IT industry. It is essential to carefully craft their resumes and profiles to highlight their strengths. Additionally, thorough preparation and coaching are provided to help them effectively present and market themselves during interviews, maximizing their chances of success. 

MARLEQ: Share with us three strategies you'll recommend for candidates to thrive while searching for a new job. 

Sarah Dodeen:

  1. Network, Network and network as much as you can!!!
  2. Personal Branding.
  3. Customise and tailor your resume and job applications! 

Remember, perseverance, resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset are also essential during the job search process. Be proactive, leverage available resources, and adapt your strategies as needed to increase your chances of finding the right job opportunity and thriving in your job search. 

MARLEQ: What's your target market as a Career Coach, and what benefits they can expect from you? 

Sarah Dodeen: Newcomers to Canada, International Development and Humanitarian Sector including NGOs, Consulting, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Entrepreneurs. I take on clients from the entry-level up to the Executive level. 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

Expertise and Knowledge: My expertise is based on a wide range of sources and can help you make informed decisions during your job search. 

Personalized Assistance: I can offer personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need help refining your resume, practicing interview questions, or researching potential employers, personal branding, or SWOT career analysis, I can provide customized support based on the information you provide. This personalized approach can help you address your unique challenges and maximize your chances of success. 

Quick and Accessible Support: This accessibility ensures that you can receive merely guidance and support during your job search journey. 

Objective Feedback: I can provide objective feedback on various aspects of your job search materials, such as resumes, cover letters, and online profiles. I can help you identify areas for improvement, highlight your strengths, and suggest strategies to enhance your overall presentation. This feedback can help you polish your job application materials and make them more impactful. 

Continuous Learning and Updates: I am constantly learning and staying up to date with the latest industry trends and job market dynamics. This means that I can provide relevant and current information to help you navigate the ever-changing job landscape. Whether it's emerging industries, new job search techniques, or evolving hiring practices, I can keep you informed and equip you with the most up-to-date knowledge. 

MARLEQ: How do you unwind or relax? What's your wellness and well-being? 

Sarah Dodeen: Early morning walks, journaling, exercising, and watching the sunrise.  

A quality ME time… with a cup of coffee and a book to read.  

MARLEQ: What's your advice for job seekers? 

Sarah Dodeen: Identify your focus and direction and define your goal, the rest is easy!!! Hint: I can help you with ALL the above!

Sarah Dodeen

Executive Coach

Profile: Award-winning TopRecuiter, HR, and Talent Acquisition Professional with 15+ years of experience in UN Agencies, International NGOs and the Private sector

Expertise: Career Coaching, Mentoring, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Resume Writing, Personal Branding

Education: MSc in Information Management (UK), Certified Recruiter, Career & Resume Strategist 

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