Finding my feet in Coaching

MARLEQ: Let us meet you. Please introduce yourself. Who is Aneesha Vahle?

Aneesha Vahle: I am an experienced HR Professional with more than 20 years of expertise in managerial roles including HR Director, Manager, Advisor, Organizational Development Consultant and Coach. My work has taken me across various countries including South Africa, Germany, Turkey and Africa where I have successfully managed assignments and projects. I am deeply passionate about the development of individuals and find joy in creating positive work environments. Outside of work, I enjoy good food, cooking, exploring the outdoors and indulging in music. I also value moments of solitude and self-reflection.

MARLEQ: Why did you choose Coaching as a Career?

Aneesha Vahle: I want to support, encourage and guide people to fulfil their potential and make the most of their lives, be it professionally or in their private lives. 

MARLEQ: What is the role of personal development for you and your clients?

Aneesha Vahle: Self-development plays a crucial role for myself as well as for my clients. Engaging in personal development allows you to continuously learn, grow and improve as an individual. By investing in your own development, you enhance understanding, knowledge, skills, and abilities which in turn positively impacts professional performance, and also how one shows up in life to deal with personal relationships, clients, and problems and find joy and ease.   

MARLEQ: Speaking of clients, who is your target audience?

Aneesha Vahle: My target audience at this stage is any individual who is interested and committed to improving their personal and professional lives. I am an integral coach and look at people holistically. I am therefore comfortable assisting an individual wanting to find their feet in a job as well as an executive trying to find ease in a pressurized environment.  

MARLEQ: As an executive coach, what's your unique added value for your clients?

Aneesha Vahle: My diverse and multicultural exposure makes me relatable to many clients I motivate, affirm and generate a desire to make the changes necessary for my client to thrive. In other words, I facilitate uncorking their potential

MARLEQ: What advice do you have for young professionals trying to chart a career path?

Aneesha Vahle: “If you want to be a successful professional then get professional help” from a Career coach. The advice, support and assistance is generally objective and based on your own capabilities, ambitions, goals and dreams.  

MARLEQ: Why international professionals should come to work in South Africa?

Aneesha Vahle: South Africa is a beautiful multi-cultural country offering beautiful landscapes, beaches and national parks. The people are warm and friendly and the weather is just fantastic! Many international companies have subsidiaries in the country and offer great working opportunities, also for international professionals.

MARLEQ: What is the future of coaching?

Aneesha Vahle: Coaching is a very fast-growing industry as people realize its value of it. It’s been proven to increase productivity, relationships, team building, communication and general happiness. It's increasingly being used by companies and individuals alike. I believe it will increasingly be used by individuals as people gain trust and enjoy the benefits. Technology also makes it more accessible since one can Skype, Google or Zoom and people are not limited geographically in selecting a coach of choice. So I definitely see the industry growing and more people using coaches for different niche areas!

MARLEQ: What's your favourite quote and book?

Aneesha Vahle: There are too many to have a favourite. I am an ardent reader and I love quotes. They often serve as inspiration for me. My favourite book or quote probably depends on how suitable it is to a situation. Currently, I find so much value in what Jung said: 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” Jung

As for my favourite books, I have too many to mention. I am always impressed by Toni Morison and her style of writing, and I love reading the books written by Pema Chodron for comfort and guidance and sometimes I enjoy thrillers and crime stories by Jo Nesbo or Deon Meyer.

Aneesha Vahle

Executive Coach

Profile: Business Executive, HR Generalist, and Professional Coach with 15+ years of working experience in NGO, corporate, and government

Expertise: Talent Management, Change & Performance Management, Leadership Coaching, Recruitment

Education: Industrial Psychology, Accredited Coach 

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