Empowering Growth and Success Through Education, Coaching and Versatility

MARLEQ: Let’s meet you Manas. Please introduce yourself.

Manas Kumar: Hello, I'm Manas Kumar. I'm a multi-faceted individual with a passion for education, coaching, entrepreneurship, and fashion. Over the years, I've had the privilege of empowering individuals and businesses globally through my work. As an educator and coach, I've trained thousands of students and professionals, helping them reach their full potential. In the fashion world, I've been fortunate to make a mark as an influential figure, inspiring others to embrace their unique style. My recent book, "The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Attitude," is aimed at inspiring personal growth and empowerment. I'm dedicated to making a positive impact and guiding people on their journeys of growth and success.

MARLEQ: Can you tell us why you chose coaching?

Manas Kumar: I choose coaching because I believe in the transformative power of guidance and mentorship. Through coaching, I can help individuals and businesses unlock their full potential, set and achieve their goals, and overcome challenges. It's incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact coaching can have on someone's life or a company's success. Whether it's personal development, leadership, or business growth, coaching allows me to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, and that's why I'm so passionate about it.

MARLEQ: What role does your background as a teacher play in your coaching sessions?

Manas Kumar: My background as a teacher plays a big role in my coaching sessions. You see, as a teacher, I learned how to explain things clearly and help people understand complex ideas. In coaching, I use those teaching skills to guide and support individuals. I break down their goals into manageable steps, just like how I would break down a lesson into smaller parts. I also listen carefully, just like I did with my students, to understand their needs and challenges. So, being a teacher helps me be a better coach because I know how to communicate well and help people learn and grow.

MARLEQ: How is your versatility as a professional a bonus for your clients?

Manas Kumar: My versatility as a professional is a bonus for my clients because it means I can offer a wide range of expertise and skills. Whether they need help with personal development, business strategies, or even fashion advice, I can provide valuable insights and guidance. It's like having multiple tools in a toolbox. Clients can benefit from this versatility because they don't need to hire different experts for different needs. They can rely on me as a one-stop resource to address various aspects of their lives or businesses. This convenience and the ability to tailor my services to their unique requirements make my versatility a real advantage for my clients.

MARLEQ: Who’s your target audience?

Manas Kumar: My target audience is quite diverse. I work with individuals who are seeking personal development and growth, whether it's in their careers or personal lives. This includes students, professionals, and anyone looking to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Additionally, I also cater to businesses and organizations looking to enhance their performance, leadership, and team dynamics. Finally, as a fashion enthusiast and influencer, I connect with people interested in fashion, style, and self-expression. So, my target audience spans a wide spectrum, from individuals seeking personal improvement to businesses aiming to thrive, and fashion enthusiasts looking for inspiration and advice.

MARLEQ: As a coach, what services do you offer to support international professionals in the UAE?

Manas Kumar: As a coach, I offer a wide range of services to support international professionals in the UAE. Firstly, I provide career coaching to help professionals navigate the local job market, refine their career goals, and develop strategies for advancement. I also offer executive coaching for those in leadership roles, focusing on leadership development, communication skills, and team management. Additionally, I provide agile coaching and scrum coaching to assist professionals and teams in adopting and optimizing agile methodologies, enhancing project management, and increasing efficiency. Moreover, I offer cultural sensitivity training to help international professionals adapt to the local work culture smoothly. Furthermore, I provide personal development coaching, which can include stress management, time management, and work-life balance support. My goal is to provide comprehensive support to international professionals, helping them thrive in their careers and personal lives in the UAE.

MARLEQ: What advice do you have for graduates concerning getting ready for the career world? 

Manas Kumar: For graduates entering the career world, my advice is to stay curious and keep learning. The job market can be competitive, so never stop improving your skills and knowledge. Network with people in your field, as building relationships can open up opportunities. Be patient and don't be afraid to start at the bottom; every experience counts. And finally, always believe in yourself and your abilities – confidence can take you a long way. Remember, your career journey is a marathon, not a sprint, so take it one step at a time, and you'll find success along the way.

MARLEQ: Tell us a bit about the Blockchain industry and what promises it has for job seekers.

Manas Kumar: The blockchain industry is like a digital ledger that keeps records of transactions. It's known for being secure and transparent because once information goes into a blockchain, it's really hard to change or hack. This technology has a lot of promise for job seekers because it's growing fast. Companies are using blockchain for things like cryptocurrency, supply chain tracking, and secure data storage. So, if you're interested in technology and want to work in a field with lots of potential, the blockchain industry could be a great choice. There are jobs in blockchain development, cybersecurity, and even business roles like project management. It's an exciting field with a lot of opportunities for people looking to start or advance their careers.

MARLEQ: How do you practice work-life balance?

Manas Kumar: Balancing my roles as a full-time teacher during the weekdays and a coach during the weekends can be demanding, but I prioritize work-life balance to stay productive and maintain my well-being. To achieve this, I allocate my evenings to the gym and healthcare. Physical fitness is crucial for my energy and mental clarity. On weekends, after my coaching sessions, I make sure to carve out some free time for myself to relax and enjoy hobbies or spend quality moments with loved ones. This balance helps me recharge, stay motivated in both my teaching and coaching roles, and ultimately be more effective in supporting my students and clients.

MARLEQ: What’s your favorite quote?

Manas Kumar: My favorite quote, which I've included in my book, is "Success is not about being the best but about constantly improving and striving to be better." This quote embodies my belief that success is not a fixed destination but a continuous journey of growth and self-improvement. It's a reminder that we can always become better versions of ourselves, and that mindset is key to achieving our goals and aspirations.

Manas Kumar

Executive Coach

Profile: Leadership, Executive and Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Corporate Trainer build winning teams to become high-performance achievers

Expertise: Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Training

Education: MBA (UK), Certified in Agile Coaching, HR, OKR, PMP, Scrum Product Owner and ScrumMaster

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