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MARLEQ: Let's meet you, Laura, can we get your elevator pitch?

Laura Delussu: I’m a young professional Career Coach, supporting Millenials & Gen Z in their early to mid careers. With a background in higher education and marketing, I am excited about all things social media, personal branding and learning. 

I specialise in resume writing, personal branding, coaching for young professionals and training. 

MARLEQ: What are the highlights of your journey as a career coach so far?

Laura Delussu: Seeing people go from not having a clue about what next step to take to having clarity, confidence and an action plan. Especially when it comes to young professionals and fresh grads, I love to see how their eyes start to shine once they find what is out there for them.  

MARLEQ: How does strategic communication help you and your clients in their job search?

Laura Delussu: It is about knowing who you are, what your vision is and what message should go with that. If we don’t invest time in figuring this out properly it is going to be even more difficult for potential customers and employers to figure this out. Clarity and consistency are key! 

MARLEQ: You speak different languages, how many are they and what role have they played in your career growth?

Laura Delussu: I speak 2 languages fluently (Dutch and English) and 3 languages conversationally (Spanish, German, and French). 

I’m a linguist by nature. I have always had an interest in learning new languages and becoming more proficient. It allows you to connect with people, even if you only know a few words. It shows them you are making an effort to get to know them better. During my studies and while working abroad I have gained numerous experiences because language was never an issue. 

MARLEQ: Rejection is one of the negative sides of job search, how does your service help job seekers cope with this?

Laura Delussu: I believe it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into. Once you have the mindset that disappointment and failures are naturally part of the process, it is less hurtful. Then we can focus more on what we can do and see the negatives for what they are. 

MARLEQ: How are you able to find a life-work balance considering your tight schedule?

Laura Delussu: Taking enough downtime is a priority. And in order for me to be creative I need downtime. I block the beginning of the week for content creation and brainstorming, the latter part of the week is for meetings, coaching sessions and workshops. 

MARLEQ: What are the benefits for clients to work with you? What is the added value they receive?

Laura Delussu: My personality in the first place. I will never push someone or tell them what to do. And if I think something isn’t right for the person or if we are not a match, I will also be honest. I want people to remember me for my honesty, being personable and having good intentions. 

Besides personality, I am experienced with copywriting, personal branding and communication. I can easily elevate a person’s job search process by strengthening how they communicate and present themselves. I believe this is 60% of landing a job. 

MARLEQ: What practical steps can young graduates take to keep being relevant in the job market?

Laura Delussu: Life Long Learning. You are never too old to stop learning. Graduates have to stay on track with the latest trends and developments and need to show recruiters they are actively working to expand their knowledge and skills. It is very easy nowadays to do so through platforms such as Coursera, Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning so no excuses here! 

MARLEQ: What's your advice for job seekers concerning their well-being while searching?

Laura Delussu: Enough is enough. 

Set a few goals for the day but don’t keep scrolling job sites endlessly. Job searching is a marathon, not a sprint. 

You have to know when to slow down so you can go the extra mile later on. Slow your pace (and expectations) to feel more satisfied after less eventful days. 

You’ll get there, just keep going! 

MARLEQ: What are some of your favorite quotes concerning life and work?

Laura Delussu: “Never try, never know”

“Kill ‘em with kindness”

Let go of the past, surrender to the present, have faith in the future”

“It’s ok not to be ok”

Laura Delussu


Profile: Learning & Development Professional, Career Coach and Social Media Marketing Manager with diverse experience in Singapore and the Netherlands

Expertise: Career Coaching, Teaching, Communication, Talent Management, Personal Development, Mentoring

Education: MA in English (Belgium), BBA in International Business (Netherlands), Certified Coach

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