Do only 20% of smart efforts and get the next job

We cannot close our eyes from certain facts when it comes to efforts and outcome. It is as true as what you sow so shall you reap. The 80/20 rule which is also called as the “Pareto Principle” says that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of the efforts. With this being said, if we apply this rule to job searching we must come up with 20% of smart efforts to get 80% of the envisioned success. Success here is getting shortlisted, receiving interview calls and landing at a job of your choice.

So what could be done in 20% of smart efforts to get maximum in the job search process? Here are the three essential factors:

  1. Networking

Networking is not only about building connections and speaking to people but the beauty in networking lies in showcasing your talent and expertise. A 2 pager resume might not entail everything you wish to convey in convincing an employer but a 15 minutes meeting with the employer will help you express and impress. Nothing can beat the human interaction. It is encouraged to attend as many networking events as possible while you are on a job search to get first hand and direct connections. There is nothing to feel shy about, feel this is your moment to grab and speak up!

  1. Applying for Relevant Jobs

If you are applying to every single job available on the job portals then you are ruling out the smart work required from 20% of the efforts. On one side it does waste time because submitting such random applications will not take you anywhere and on the other hand employers would never give your application a thorough review. It is imperative that you customize your each job application and apply for the relevant positions only. The ingenious here would make good use of the keywords, selected from the job description, to spice up the application.

  1. Narrow Down the Research

No one will tell you what your passion is. No one will tell you exactly what you should do in life. You are the best judge for yourselves. Now, it is super important to narrow down your job search to what exactly and where exactly you wish to work. This also calls to be industry specific and how big the company should be. It is easier to land at a job but demands clever efforts to land at a position where you would drive the role with passion. The next time when you are searching for job opportunities try to narrow down your criteria as per your interest and use the advance search options.

Job searching do not ask for 24 hours sitting in front of the laptop and continuously applying for vacancies. It has been changed overtime and become much easier now to receive auto email alerts for new jobs, submit job application from smart phones directly and reach out to recruiters/HRs with few clicks.

Make sure you do the 20% of smart efforts to get maximum 80% of the success in job search.

Sohaib Hasan

Executive Coach

Profile: HR professional with 10+ years of experience in Germany, UAE, UK, China and Pakistan

Expertise: Awarded ‘Youth Influencer – Dubai’ with 750,000+ active followers on LinkedIn, on a mission to empower the job seeker community

Education: Master in International Business Management (Germany)

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