Are you brave? Do you consider yourself being courageous?

Would you like to be brave? Would people around you say that you are bold and fearless? Let's dive into this topic.

I take pride in doing some super brave stuff. I will list a few of them: I did a parachute jump; swam with whale sharks, and sharks; started a global startup when I was 30, which is still on and doing well; moved to live alone in Sweden and now in Estonia; traveled alone in Argentina, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and many other countries; presented my company and pitched in front of hundreds of people in 8 countries; traveled in 40+ countries and 5 continents, and so on.

Also, I failed so many times, such as: contacting 5,000+ clients and selling 0 products; being rejected 5,000x for getting a job; being rejected by 500+ investors for funding my startup; not succeeding in staying in Sweden even though I secured 3 jobs, etc.

Many friends tell me they wish they were braver and started their own company, changed their jobs, moved abroad, traveled to far destinations, and talked in front of large crowds and TV cameras.

So what stops us and how do we overcome these challenges? There is no simple answer, and I will share my experience, thoughts, and approach.

• Don't overthink, and just do it:
If I start thinking too much and too long, I will probably never do it. Instead, I do it, and during the journey, you will figure out answers and solutions, or sometimes, and many times you won't. Both are ok and fine. But, the first step matters, so make it happen, as early as possible.

• No regrets:
Now in my late 30s, I have no major regrets for my life so far, and I want this to be in the next stages too. When an idea comes, make it happen. When you get an opportunity, you grab it. When you create something, you get more ideas. So, make these decisions based on core values, and you won't regret much later.

• Sharing is caring:
Don't be and do all alone. Find your partner(s) in crime. Doing together stuff is more rewarding and fun. Be selfless. First, you give, then you receive.

• Find your mentor:
We all need someone to listen to us, ask proper questions, and provide us with different thoughts, experiences, knowledge, ideas, and advice.

• Be bold:
I believe that being brave is a decision, so take ownership of it. Embrace the fear, be excited about going out of your comfort zone, work on your bad habits and patterns, be willing to learn and ask for help, and surround yourself with bold people.

What about you? What bravery act do you take pride in? What fear would you like to overcome? 

Milo Radulovic


Profile: Global Business Development Leader and Executive Job Coach with 15+ years of diverse  experience in Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Montenegro

Expertise: Career Coaching, CV Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, Job Search Strategy, and Interview Coaching

Education: Master in Business Administration (Sweden)

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