5 Steps to Land a New Job as a Top-Performing Professional

Your CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile are your first opportunity to impress a potential employer, so let it be your best presentation that will land you a desirable job. In today’s very competitive job market having an exceptional job application and job search strategies are essential. Hence, applicants definitely have to stand out from a crowd and hundreds of other professionals to get a new career challenge.

These are 5 steps to landing a new job as a top-performing candidate:

1. Outstanding job application package: you need to have an impressive CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. This is your elevator pitch, so make it extraordinary.

2. Awareness of your career Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats: you have to know your strong and low points, and work smart on improving them. Candidates who work on self-development, and gain new knowledge and skills have an unfair advantage over the competition.

3. Unique and effective job search strategies and action plans: there's no success without a daily goal, persistence, and hard work. You need to know your niche, and your uniqueness, and act with a clear career vision and goal.

4. Exceptional interview and negotiation skills: to overcome even the trickiest interview questions. The most important step to actually landing a new job is the interview. Therefore, interview skills are crucial. Thus, practice and master them.

5. Attractive personal branding and networking skills: both your brand and the network are your net worth, use them well. It’s still unbelievable how professionals are not using this properly. Build your brand and network, so they bring you more prospects.

I believe that we all should love what we do. Firstly, we need to discover it, improve our performance, and move forward with a career we dream about. It's a discovery process worth exploring. Be brave and step out. Enjoy your journey. Be proactive and create your opportunities. 

Milo Radulovic


Profile: Global Business Development Leader and Executive Job Coach with 15+ years of diverse  experience in Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Montenegro

Expertise: Career Coaching, CV Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, Job Search Strategy, and Interview Coaching

Education: Master in Business Administration (Sweden)

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