23 Exclusive Tips To Thrive Your Interviews

Interview is basically a formal meeting between an employer and the applicant to discuss a job role that is vacant and required to be filled. It is very common for a candidate to be nervous when it comes to an interview. The feeling of what questions will be asked and how to answer them, the pressure of panel in case there are more than two interviewers and the fear to get rejected whereby the applicant is in a dire need of a job are some common interview topics discussed around and over the internet.

Preparing yourself for the interview will not only help in boosting the confidence but will allow you to make a solid-positive first impression as well.


This part is often skipped believing what the interviewer would ask, nothing. In actual if you have conducted a thorough research on the employer and the job role itself for which you are about to be interviewed the better you are in a position to answer the questions. Visit the website of the company and study the different sections for products and services, about company, and the team members.

It is also recommended that you check company’s social media channels where you will find the latest updates on events etc. Do not simply go to the interview blind-folded. The more you research on the employer and business the more you will feel comfortable and confident. Also you could relate in a much better way your answers and profile to the interviewer since you know the business operations and scope of the role.


One of the trickier question to be considered but is not very frightening. The idea is simple, they want to know if they can afford your expectations or not, and if you would like their offer or not in case less is offered. Gone are the days to say salary isn’t my focus, learning and development is my focus. Who believes in this myth now?

So, just say a reasonable figure after you’ve researched on the internet that what is the market offering for same title and check for Salary Surveys conducted by some of leading recruitment companies in that region. Of course, this will differ greatly in various parts of the world but you can get an idea. Focus on how to negotiate rather than convincing them that you’re such a naive and know nothing about what's happening around and looking for learning only.

Don’t sell yourself too short, tell them what you want. No worries if you are refused, then move on.


There has to be no shyness in asking questions. You can ask any question as long as it is related and is in the job scope. Avoid asking personal questions from the interviewer like when did he joined the company, how has been his experience, about his family and his interest.

The questions which you may ask are for example:

How will be the reporting and delegation assigned;

The business expansion and trends in the market;

Company culture, events and programs;

Induction and employee training and development;

When could you expect to hear an answer on your interview

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