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CV Review

Having a CV that stands out is essential in landing a desirable job. Good news is that our experienced career coaches will help you to master CV writing skills, and you will finally have more interviews.

LinkedIn Review

Job seekers are still not aware of importance of LinkedIn profile and its power in hiring process. Luckily, our career coaches will guide you in order to attract headhunters and get job opportunities.

New Job Search Strategy

You are not alone in a job hunt. All you need is right approach and strategy. Our experienced coaches will provide you with tips and guidance, and help you get a dream job faster and easier.

CV & LinkedIn Edit

Having well-written CV & LinkedIn profile that are standing out are the essentials in landing a desirable job. Good news is that our experienced career coaches will fully rewrite your CV and LinkedIn, and you will finally have more interviews and job offers.

Career Q&A

Finally, you have a list of experts to ask all career related questions and receive answers and advices that will help you build a successful career. Our coaches are dedicated to your professional development.

Cover Letter Review

You have an outstanding CV and you are ready to apply for a desirable job. Next step is a cover letter that stands out. Our coaches will mentor you in order to master cover letter writing skill.

Interview Coaching

The most important step for landing a desirable job is interview. Therefore, interview skills are essential. Our coaches will prepare you and help in order overcome even the trickiest interview questions.

Negotiation Coaching

Negotiating skills are crucial for a career progress and for fighting for your needs and motivation. Our coaches will help you to better negotiate current position, wage, bonuses, advancement, etc.

Get a job

Your selected coach will mentor you to choose the right job search strategy, design and execute action plan, have a winning attitude, and prepare your outstanding CV, LinkedIn profile and Cover Letter.

New Position Coaching

Our experienced career coaches will help you with your new role and mentor your smooth transition to a new environment. You will set specific goals, excel your performance, and overcome new career challenges.

Moving Abroad

We help you build a successful international career easier and faster, as the majority of our coaches have worked in 4-5 countries. We guide your smooth transition to a new environment and challenges.

Grow In My Current Role

We will help you develop skills and improve your performance so you become a respected colleague everyone wants to work with. You will move forward with a career you love.

Additional Coaching Services

Our Coaches

Waqas Akram

Profile: Mechanical Engineering Manager with 15 years of global experience

Expertise: Managing design, engineering, construction, commissioning, Operations & maintenance of multiple large scale equipment projects in the power generation industry

Education: Master in Aerospace Engineering (Sweden)

Sana' Hammad

Profile: Certified trainer and passionate HR, Humanitarian, NGO and sustainable development professional with 15+ years of experience in different roles and industries

Expertise: HR and Organizational Development Consultant, Business Coach and Career Counsellor

Education: MBA in Human Resources (Jordan)

Tess Nyman

Profile: Certified Human Resource Manager with 9+ years of experience in Finland, UAE and Uganda, with a passion to support individuals achieve their goals

Expertise: Human Resource Management, Executive Career Coaching, Mentoring, Professional Growth

Education: MSc in Psychology (UK), and MBA (UAE) 

Olivera Andjelkovic

Profile: Management Consultant and Executive Coach with 20+ years of diversified experience in the Netherlands, the UK, and Serbia

Expertise: Coaching, HR, Executive Management, Project Management, and Digital Marketing

Education: MSc in International Management (UK)

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Our coaches will help you gain new skills and mentor your career success

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I wanted to improve my CV, LinkedIn profile and Cover Letter. Therefore, I contacted my MARLEQ career coach and gained new practical knowledge and skills that helped me land a desirable job. I was surprised how fast this process was, from coaching to getting a new job.


My MARLEQ career coach suggested me a new career opportunity and mentioned that I was a perfect match for this challenging role. After several coaching sessions and interview rounds I received an offer at this leading communication company.


After 11 years of professional experience I needed to build a career progress. I used MARLEQ’s career coach services in order to improve my CV and interview knowledge and skills. Shortly, I received several career opportunities and landed a dream job at my favorite brand.


I am working for almost seven years at a leading bank, where I have changed several departments. Whenever I need a professional career related help and advice I contact my MARLEQ career coach in order to overcome these challenges.

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